Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Prince Who Was Just Himself

Hi! My name is Amy! I just thought an introduction was necessary since it has been sooooo long since I have posted here. Things have been happening at warp speed around here, so I haven't taken the time to blog. But when I had the chance to review a couple of great books for Handlebar Publishing I realized that it was time to get back on here. I will try to catch you up on the details of the past year later on. :)
The Prince Who Was Just Himself is a wonderful children's storybook. The illustrations are bright and cheery. It is the story of a royal family who has a child, Prince Noah, that is different than the others. The differences that others sometimes criticize or misunderstand turn out to be the things that make him the hero when the kingdom is faced with a villain. The differences that Prince Noah exhibits are due to the fact that he was born with Down syndrome. This book displays the beauty found in all children. The author, Silke Schnee, has a son with Down syndrome. He inspired her to write this book for children to help them understand the joy and love of her son and others like him. 

I had a special interest in this book because my nephew has Down syndrome. Caden is a joy to everyone who meets him! I also have special friends who have children with Down syndrome. The extra chromosome these kids have makes them extra special and extra lovable!

This book isn't just for those who have a friend or relative with Down syndrome though. It is for all children (and adults) to learn that those who are different than us are special in their own way no matter what that difference may be!

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