Monday, November 21, 2011


OK. Writing everyday may be harder than I realized. Some days are so busy I get to the end and it dawns on me that I have made this commitment and I better get to the keyboard. Like today. Well, not really like toady, I have been thinking about it all day but I never had some great thing to say. It is humbling not to be able to come up with a single inspiring or heart-stirring thing to say, but here I am anyway. I hope all 4 of my readers don't leave me for my lack. :0)

I started this challenge so that I would HAVE to write something everyday. I had in mind, though, that my posts would exponentially grow in depth and gain great audiences as people just had to share my great insights with all their friends.Oh, how I love a good dream. Here in reality though, I am learning that it takes longer than 4 days to make someone a "writer" and it's not as important how many read but that you share your heart with whoever is reading. So this is it for today! Thanks for reading.

With LOVE,

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