Monday, August 13, 2012

Mercy Me "The Hurt & The Healer"

Several months ago, I was able to see Mercy Me at the EWomen event in Birmingham, AL. I can't put into words how fabulous they were that night. They introduced several of the songs from their new project "The Hurt & The Healer" that night. Usually, I hate when a band plays new music that I don't already know in concert. This was definitely an exception to that rule for me. These songs are so personal and from the heart that they instantly hit the mark somewhere deep inside me.

I was thrilled to return home to an e-mail from my friends at The Media Collective offering me the opportunity to hear the new album "The Hurt & The Healer" in its entirety. Every song on this album is a hit! The heartfelt lyrics really spoke to me and echo some of the same thoughts and questions I have faced. Musically this album is a little different than some of their earlier projects and the songs vary greatly so surely there is at least one you would enjoy!

Now, Mercy Me has released a short film, The Making of "The Hurt & The Healer,"  which I also had the opportunity to review. It is awesome! There are interviews from the band members and producers which not only explain the process of making the album, but explain the heart behind many of the songs. I love to hear about how a songs lyrics were put together and what the artist was going through when they wrote a song. For instance "The Hurt & The Healer" was written about the passing of Bart Millard's cousin and the heartache that followed. I would definitely recommend both the album and the video!!! Go to right now to get both!

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