Monday, June 11, 2012


anything..... Sounds interesting, doesn't it? What if you were given the opportunity to receive anything, be anything, or do anything? Would you hesitate to sign up? On the other hand, what if you gave someone the permission to take anything you have, use anything you own, or mess with anything you hold dear? That is the premise of anything: the prayer that unlocked my God and my Soul, by Jennie Allen. In this book, Jennie Allen opens her prayer life up to us to see how the prayer of offering anything to God changed her life in both small and big ways. She encourages readers to lay aside "everything keeping us from anything" in order to "pray anything" and go on to "live anything."

Jennie was moved by the story of another woman who offered God anything. Through the blog of Katie Davis, Jennie saw the effects of truly offering one's entire self to a God who will use those wholly surrendered to Him. With her husband, Zac, Jennie began to pray "anything." The events that followed that surrender are both inspiring and slightly scary. I encourage, no I dare you to read anything see if your heart is ready to pray "anything" to a God who desires to change the world through your life.

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