Sunday, September 12, 2010


Happy Encouragement Day to everyone! I hope that you were able to attend a church service today and receive some encouragement from Our Heavenly Father. I was surely encouraged as I attended our homecoming service today. God is so awesome!!

The reason I know that today is Encouragement Day is an offer I responded to from the (in)courage website for 10 Dayspring cards in return for the promise of sending them out to encourage someone. The agreement was to send just one, but as I got to thinking about who I was going to send one to, the Lord kept revealing more and more people that need encouragement in my circle of influence. Many of them are people that I just never feel like I know what to say to because I have never walked in their shoes, but I know from experience that a card that says I love you and I am thinking about you is a real day lifter. I know I will probably never hear about or get to see the look on their face as they receive their gift of encouragement from me, but I know that each person will be able to smile and hold their head a little higher because of an encouraging word form me and the Lord.  He is "the lifter of our heads" but who's to say He doesn't want to use my hand to do it every now and then!


  1. Congratulations Amy!

    Just thought I would stop by for a visit to see what your little home on the web looked like! You will have to have a post and let us know what charity you chose and your fun shopping spree.

    I love you,
    Grandma Patty Ann

  2. Congratulations Amy on winning the $500 from (in)courage! I just saw the announcement and am excited for you!